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  • Yummy Supa Strong Immune gummies are loaded with the goodness of Amla, Tulsi, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 to boost your kids overall body strength & health. 
  • Exclusively formulated to fulfil the daily requirements of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 for kids.
  • Supports immunity, provides anti-oxidant and anti-stress support, vital for overall health of skin, brain, eyes, hair and for healthy digestion.
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  • Strengthens Immunity against seasonal cold and flu 
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Supports mental health
  • Good for scalp and hair growth
  • Immunity
  • Growth
  • Energy
  • Anti-Stress
  • Sleep
  • One gummy per day, or as directed by the healthcare practitioner.
  • Health made tasty & easy for the smart mom and the little busy bee.
  • Pop a heath gummy, on the go.
Ingredient Content %RDA
Amalaki Juice Powder 100 mg **
Tulasi Extract 10 mg **
Vitamin E 4 mg 40
Vitamin B6 1.5 mg 100

Amazing Ingredients

Pure, high-quality, lab-tested, effective ingredients sourced from the best locations.

  • Vitamin C

    It is vital for growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It is important for the proper functioning of the immune system, maintenance of skin, bone & teeth health. It is an antioxidant that protects from harmful free radicals.

  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is vital for strong bones, growth and development. It is also important for neurological and brain functions. It helps in absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body. Vitamin D supplementation is advised from birth itself, as 70-90% of Indians are deficient in Vitamin D.

  • Zinc

    It is proven to boost the immune system and is involved in various enzymatic processes in the body. Zinc deficiency impairs immune response and makes a person more susceptible for disease.

  • Tulsi

    Soothe sore muscles, assists with clear breathing, acts as a cooling agent for the skin, promotes mental alertness and lessens anxious feelings.

  • Amla

    Amla has been scientifically proven to boost immunity and have anti-oxidant properties. It is also a blood purifier and is helps in Eye health, respiratory system health and has many more beneficial effects to the human body.

  • Stringent Quality Control

    All ingredients are subject to stringent quality control and HPLC testing, to ensure maximum quality & efficacy, thereby also ensuring maximum safety. No compromise as regards health & safety.

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    “Tasty Healthy Treat”

    “My kids love sweets. Instead of giving them sugar laden chocolates, i have started giving them the healthy Immune gummies as treats. They love them. Very affordable and good quality.”


    “Worth It”

    “They are good. I have used many brands gummies , affordable to costly ones. The ForKids brand gummies are more genuine and good. I will continue with them.”


    “Great Idea”

    “I am happy to see doctors and experts make good healthy products which are different from the usual tablets. The Supa Strong gummies are a real boon to me. My twin sons and daughter eat the gummies with no fuss at all.”


    “Worth it”

    “The Supa Strong Immune gummies are good & healthy. My children like to eat them. We bought them on the suggestion of my wife's friend. ”



    “My daughter had a common cold last week. She usually gets viral infections quite frequently. I gave her Supa Strong Immune gummies along with the Vit C,D and Zinc oral spray. She recovered in 2 days, whereas previously she used to suffer for at-least 5-7 days. She loved the taste of the gummies and the spray and wondered why daddy was giving chocolates when she was sick. I recommend these gummies and the Vit C,D and Zinc oral spray.”


    What does the doctor say!

    It is always better to be safe and prepared! Being healthy prevents us from falling ill frequently or being susceptible to various infections. A healthy and strong child with good immunity will also fall less ill and recover faster. Vitamins and minerals are needed in order to have a strong immune system.

    Dr. Mohammed Viquasuddin

    Safe & Trusted.
    Quality is our priority.

    Certified manufacturing facilities. Ethically Conscious. Allergen-Free Products.

    Questions we often get

    • Are the gummies chemical free?
    • Is Amla good for childrens health?
    • When can my child take the gummy?
    • How is Tulsi helpful for my child?
    • Will there be any side effects?

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