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    “Tangy Taste”

    “The taste is a bit tangy, probably because of the Vitamin C. My daughter initially did not enjoy the taste, the first 2 days, but slowly got used to it and likes it now. Good Product, very convenient.”



    “We were really worried about the kids eyes. Both already have glasses and we did not want it to worsen because of the increased screen times. Our Ophthalmologist suggested that we give them the Sharp Vision gummies, which will protect from Blue light and also reduce the damage. ”


    “Tasty & Healthy”

    “My kids love sweets. They love the Sharp Vision gummies. I am also happy and they are also happy. The eye damage from blue light of screens is really hurting children.”


    “Excellent idea”

    “My son has poor vision because of some hereditary problem. The online classes are further ruining his eyesight and causing eye strain. He refuses to take the Astaxanthin tablets. The Sharp Vision gummies are excellent and a great way to protect our children's eyes.”


    “Highly recommended”

    “Genuine and effective product. Very good price also. I am glad I am able to give this to mu children to protect their eyes from a lifestyle that we are not able to avoid due to the pandemic. Thankfully they love the gummies.”


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    • Proven, effective & safe formula
    • Developed by experienced doctors
    • Free shipping on orders above 300

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