Sharp Eye Gummies for Kids

Sharp Eye Gummies for Kids
Sharp Eye Gummies
Sharp Eye Gummies
Sharp Eye Gummies
Sharp Eye Gummies
Sharp Eye Gummies for Kids
Sharp Eye Gummies
Sharp Eye Gummies

Sharp Eye Gummies for Kids

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  • Protects against Eyestrain & Headaches
  • Helps in growth & development of Retina.
  • Prevents eye Ageing from iPad & laptops exposure

Gummies for Kids that provides nourishment to the eyes & prevents eye ageing from exposure to harmful blue light, built smarter with key ingredients and modern science for brighter happy days. 30 day supply for kids age 5+.

*Box Contains 30 Gummies

Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Soy Free
100% Vegan
  • Made by Doctors, they contain Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, and Lutein which are essential eye vitamins that act as a natural sunblock by absorbing harmful blue light emitted from screens.  
  • Contains DHA & Vitamin A, C & E which are important for Visual Development and Retinal growth.
  • Helps protect against
    • Eye Strain & Headaches
    • Early-onset of Vision Impairments 
    • Prevents early Eye Ageing
    • Sleep & Anxiety Issues

by providing Vital nutrients that the eye needs.

Sharp Eye Gummies

Sharp Eye Gummies Benefits:

  • Protects eyes against harmful blue light from iPads, Laptops, TV & Mobile screens.
  • Removes harmful free radicles that damage the eyes.
  • Helps in growth & development of Retina.
  • Provides nourishment to eyes.
  • Prevents eye ageing.
  • The ingredients work best in combination, synergistically for health of the anterior and posterior eye segments.
Sharp Eye Gummies

Sharp Eye Gummies Suitable for the Age Group:

  •  5+ years

    Sharp Eye Gummies Help With:

    • Sharp & Clear Vision
    • Prevents Eye Fatigue
    • Protection against harmful blue light

    Dosage: How to Take Sharp Eye Gummies?

    • 1-2 gummies / day for good vision and healthy eyes.
    Ingredient % RDA
    Content 5-12 Years 13-17 Years
    Vitamin A 499.8 mcg 100 87
    VItamin C 30 mg 100 75
    Vitamin E 5.04 mg 56 19
    DHA 100 mg * *
    Lutein 20% 4 mg * *
    Zeaxanthin 10% 800 mcg * *
    Astaxanthin 2% 1600 mcg * *

    What the Experts Say

    "The prevalence of Children and Teenagers having various eye problems has increased significantly over the last many years. This could be due to dietary deficiencies (nutrient poor junk food), increased exposure to screens etc. Parents must take precautions towards maintaining their child’s eye health, in order to prevent vision deterioration as they grow."

    Dr. Lalitha


    The young and growing delicate eye tissue are not programmed to handle increased exposure to artificial light and blue light from screens. Our children are constantly exposed to blue light from mobiles, laptops,TV’s etc which causes strain and damage to the eye tissues. The delicate eye tissues need few vital nutrients to protect themselves and repair

    If your child is eating a very healthy balanced diet and is limiting exposure to artificial light for an hour a day, then there may not be a mandatory need for extra nutrients. But the above ideal situation is almost impossible in present day digital world. The eye protective nutrients Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Lutein cross the blood retinal barrier and protect the cells from damage by free radicles. These nutrients are difficult to get via a regular diet alone, especially in the quantities needed.

    The Sharp Eye gummies by ForKids are formulated by doctors and experts and undergo extensive quality testing for efficacy and safety. The dosages are ideal as per standards. All vital nutrients needed for the nourishment and protection of a child’s eyes are included, without the addition of any other unnecessary and harmful substances.

    Yes, There is an extensive and good amount of scientific evidence that all ingredients in the Sharp vision gummies are beneficial for eye health and vision.

    No, there are no reported side effects of multi-vitamin gummies.

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