Breathe Free Decongestant

Breathe Free Decongestant
Breathe Free Decongestant
Breathe Free Decongestant
Breathe Free Decongestant
Breathe Free Decongestant
Breathe Free Decongestant

Breathe Free Decongestant

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  • Helps relieve stuffy nose & nasal congestion
  • Helps relieve chest congestion
  • Allows the child to sleep peacefully and breathe freely at night.


A kids multi-vitamin built smarter with key ingredients and modern science for brighter happy days. 30 day supply for kids age 3+.

Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Soy Free
100% Vegan
  • Breathe Free is a natural blend of seven essential oils that helps decongest and open up the airways for easy breathing.
  • The essential oil mix, when applied on the neck & chest relieves congestion and helps to breathe freely.
  • The vapors of the essential oil mix offer great support to respiratory health.
  • The essential oil blend works instantly to relieve nasal congestion, chest congestion, and a stuffy nose.
  • Breathe Free is free from harmful chemicals like petroleum jelly, paraffin, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances.

Breathe Free Decongestant Benefits:

  • Helps relieve a stuffy nose.
  • Helps relieve nasal congestion.
  • Helps relieve chest congestion.
  • Helps relieve airway inflammation.
  • Great for respiratory health.
  • Natural, non-chemical, safe & effective solution for a good breath.
  • No burning, no itching, only relief.
  • Allows the child to sleep peacefully and breathe freely at night.

Suitable for the Age Group:

  • 3 – 18 years

Breathe Free Decongestant Helps With:

  • Easy Breathing
  • Defense
  • Protect
  • Quick Recovery


    • Direct Use: Take 2 to 3 drops in your palm and apply on the child’s throat and chest. Spread evenly and rub gently. When the child breathes the vapours instant relief can be felt.
    • Drop of essential oil mix can also be rubbed on the nose, if desired.
    • Not meant for instillation inside the nose or mouth
    • Steam Inhalations: 2 to 3 drops can be put in the steamer/humidifier / hot water. The vapour will help relieve congestion naturally. 

    What the Experts Say

    "Common colds (upper respiratory infection), runny nose, stuffy nose are one of the most common illnesses in children. They are usually caused by viruses. On an average and a child can get 6-8 episodes of common cold in a year. These common cold do not need antibiotics. It is advised to keep the child well hydrated and encourage the child to drink fluids. The child needs to get adequate rest & good nutrition.
    To ease nasal congestion / stuffy nose and to help the child breathe freely, nasal saline spray or essential oil mix (applied on throat and chest) can be safely used."

    Dr. Lalitha


    Yes. Breathe Free spray has essential oils that help in de-congesting the airways. Breathing in the smell from the spray applied on the neck & chest will give immediate relief and when applied at night will help the child to sleep peacefully without any difficulty of breathing.

    Breathe Free spray is an absolutely natural and safe way to help clear and decongest airways. Antibiotics are not advocated for the common cold and viral illness, neither are regular use of chemicals that decreases nasal secretions. Breathe Free is the safest natural and chemical free way to help your child breathe freely when suffering from common colds, vital colds and runny nose.

    Just spray once on your hands and then rub it onto the neck and chest area of the child. When he /she breathes the smell, they experience immediate relief.

    Breathe Free spray is a blend of pure and high quality essential aromatic oils. It is completely natural and safe. There will not be any side effects.

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