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“Improved Concentration!”

“My son had a problem concentrating. He would get distracted very easily, making it difficult for me to make him complete his work. But ForKids Magnesium+Zinc helped him a great deal! I am so thankful! He can now sit for longer hours and finishes his work too. Thank you ForKids! ”


“Very Happy !”

“My son has been very jittery, anxious and unable to sleep well for many months. I though that it was ok, as he was cooped up in the house for most of the time, due to the Corona scare. Instead of cool drinks, I started giving him the ForKids Magnesium + Zinc drink for the last 20 days. Surprised to note that he is more calm and focussed now. Anxiety has also reduced greatly and he is sleeping well. The paediatrician told me that, my son probably had a magnesium deficiency that we did not know, and told me to continue the drink everyday. ”



“My daughter aged 4 years, doesn't eat well ad hates syrups. She is underweight. The MultiVitamin spray s like a Godsend to me. 2 sprays in the mouth and het vitamin requirement is done. She likes it. Thank you.”


“Great Product”

“My son aged 5 years has recurrent cold and running nose. He cant sleep at night because of blocked nose. We tried the ForKids Breathe Free last week. We rubbed 2 drops on his chest and throat. He slept very well in the night and his running nose decreased significantly in the morning. No chemicals, no antibiotics. Great product.”


“Very Helpful”

“My daughter keeps getting a cold every 2 weeks. She find it difficult to breathe and gets very cranky. My wife tried Breathe Free essential oil and it worked like magic. My daughter was able to breathe freely and settled down immediately. ”


“Loved It”

“My son aged 12 years gets frequent cough and cold with stuffy nose whenever it rains or gets colder. I don't want to give antibiotics because it is not needed and he has no fever. We started using Breathe Free essential oils to reduce his nose stuffiness and decongest his airways. He was able to breathe freely within few minutes of inhaling the vapours. We just love this natural product.”


“Finally !”

“I have been trying to find a trustworthy company for kids supplements. I am glad I found ForKids. The products are good, as per my Pediatrician who advised the Vit D spray for my son. The taste is good and it is so easy to use. ”


“Much needed”

“I have read many articles on usefulness of Vit C, D3 and Zinc to boost immunity as well as help in fast recovery. Adults in my house are using the capsules, and I was looking around for a formulation for my 4 year old twins, especially with the scare of third wave. I am so glad I found this spray from Forkids. My kids doctor strongly recommends it. ”



“I am so glad, came across the company ForKids. I was very worried about all the talk of third wave etc. I am giving my 14 yr old daughter and 16 year old son, the Vit C,D3 and Zinc capsules everyday. I am less worried now, as I know that their Immune systems are getting the necessary nutrients.”


“Good Improvement”

“I am giving my daughter the Vit C,D3 and Zinc capsules, on the advice of her Paediatrician. She is a poor eater and a delicate child, who used to fall sick very often. I have seen an improvement in her health for last one month, since using the capsules. She appears more energetic and strong now. Thank god.”



“All adults in my house are vaccinated. I used to worry about my 13 year old son, who goes out to play with other children in the colony. My nephew who is a doctor suggested using the ForKids Vit C, d3 and Zinc drops for my son to improve his bodies defence and immune cells. He is taking one capsule everyday. It is good.”


“Most needed”

“Ever since I lost my father to Covid, I have become even more careful about health and protection. Both my sons ( 15 and 17 yrs) are using the Vit C,D and Zinc tablets from ForKids company. My doctor has recommended them to use it everyday in order to keep them as protected as possible. I feel such vital nutrients are very necessary, especially in present times.”



“Ever since the rains started, my daughter has developed cold with nose block and has difficulty in sleeping because of nose block. I started using the Breathe Free essential oil mix on suggestion of my neighbour. She gets immediate relief and sleeps peacefully throughout the night. Amazing natural product. Thank you.”


“Natural Antispasmodic”

“My 13yr old daughter attained Menarche 6 months ago. She gets severe pain just before periods. Pain killers also don't help much. My doctor suggested using high quality magnesium supplements as they work very well as Anti-spasmodics. I started using ForKids Magnesium+ Zinc effervescent tablets everyday and surprisingly her period pain has gone down significantly. Great relief for all of us. She loves the taste of the drink too.”


“Good product”

“I am a Paediatrician. Recently one of my patients mother told me that she was using the Forkids Mg+Zn tablets as a drink for her child everyday. I saw the composition and am satisfied. It is good for child's health, with many benefits and I have started advising it for other children too, as most kids are magnesium deficient nowadays.”

Dr Ahalya

“Very Good”

“The doctor told me to give my new born baby Vit D drops, especially since I was beast feeding. Most of the time, my baby used to drool out the drops. The Paediatrician told me to use the Vit D spray. I now spray into the baby's mouth either when she is awake or sleeping. No drooling out. I am so relieved. Thank you.”


“Easy to use”

“My son plays cricket. I am always concerned about his nutrition, especially bone and muscle growth. The Vit D spray is very easy to use. We just spray into his mouth, takes 2 seconds and gets absorbed almost immediately. No issues of running behind him with tablets.”



“My child vomits frequently. She just cannot keep any tablets down and hates the taste of syrups. I was very worried about her growth. I started using the multivitamin spray. She loves it and I am not worried about her nutrition and growth anymore. Thank you.”



“I know that my 16 year old daughter is not getting enough Vit D. She is always tired and complains of body pains. I used to give het Vit D tablets before and she used to say that she cant swallow and gets stomach ache. I have started using the Vit D spray everyday and I can actually see a change in her energy levels and her pains have also disappeared. I recommend the Vit D spray. My son is also using the spray.”


“Very Useful”

“The ForKids Multivitamin Spray is really very useful. So easy to use. It contains all the vitamins. Both me and my wife are working and the stress of whether we are giving proper nutrient food for their growth is now gone. All my colleagues are using for their kids. ”


“Great Product”

“Great idea of having a spray for Vit C, D and Zinc. It is so much easier to spray in the mouth, rather than convincing my daughter to eat or swallow a tablet or syrup. She loves the taste too. ”



“Love the idea of a spray for Vit C, D and Zinc. Both my children aged 2 yrs and 7 yrs are using the spray. Very affordable. Each bottle is enough for 2 months dose. Thank you.”


“Easy to use”

“My child is a special child and it is extremely difficult to get him to eat well or take tablets. I cant afford him falling sick. The Supa Strong Vit C,D and Zn spray is an answer to my prayers. I just spay in his mouth when he sleeps. It just gets absorbed, no need to swallow or anything.”


“Good Product”

“My son does not have constipation or diarrhoea but in general has digestion problems and irregular bowel habits and abdominal discomfort with nausea on & off. I tried the Happy Gut sachets. He liked the taste of the drink and used to take 1 glass everyday. He says he is feeling good. I have noticed that he is eating better now.”


“Good for Bowel”

“My daughter is has frequent infections so we use antibiotics frequently. Because of that, her GUT bacteria have been damaged and she is having indigestion and refuses to eat because of the pain. The Paediatrician suggested us to give her the Happy Gut probiotics drink and use regularly. Her digestion has definitely improved.”


“Digestive Aid”

“My son always complains of some kind of pain or the other after eating meals. I started giving him Happy Gut probiotics for the last 10 days, regularly. He is eating better and complaints have reduced. He likes the taste too, Thank god.”


“Helps for bowel moment too”

“My son hates curd, cheese and doesn't eat vegetables. No good bacteria and no fibre. I started using Happy Gut, as it has both good probiotics as well as fibre. His appetite is good now and bowel movements have become more regular because of the fibre.”


“Affordable and good”

“My one year old child loves the ForKids Multivit Spray. Me and my wife are very relieved that we are able to give him his vitamins, as he is a poor eater. One bottle contains enough dose for 2 months, which makes it very affordable too.”


“Spray better than drops”

“I delivered a baby a month ago. I was giving Vit D drops but my baby was drooling it out. I was scared to put them when the baby was asleep as she may choke. My paediatrician asked me to try the Vit D Spray. It is so convenient and I can spray in the mouth even when the baby is asleep, as there is no choking hazard. The spray solved my problem.”


“Very Affordable”

“The Multi Vitamin Spray comes for 2 months. The cost is better than tablets or gummies. Also I am sure that all the vitamin in the spray is going into the body with no wastage. Great for budget conscious mothers like me. Thank you.”



“Third wave or not, We suffered with Covid enough as both my parents were in hospital for 20 days in Jan this year. We want to take no changes with my son & daughter aged 16 and 14 years. The Vit C,D and Zn capsules are good as per my doctor and both my children take it everyday, with no compliants.”


“No worry – Sleep Spray”

“My 2 year old just refuses to take any syrups. The Vit C,D and Zn spray is such a boon for parents like us, I just spray into his mouth when he is asleep. No need to swallow, so no worry of choking at all. Also one bottle comes for 2 months, very affordable. I recommend this for all parents.”


“Great Taste”

“My child loved the taste. Good nutritious stuff. She doesn't ask for chocolates anymore.”


“Nice ones”

“Good healthy gummies. Quite affordable and good quality compared to few other brands.”


“Excellent return Gift”

“I gave the Supa Strong Immune gummies as return gifts at my sons birthday party last week. The other moms loved it !!”



“My daughter had a common cold last week. She usually gets viral infections quite frequently. I gave her Supa Strong Immune gummies along with the Vit C,D and Zinc oral spray. She recovered in 2 days, whereas previously she used to suffer for at-least 5-7 days. She loved the taste of the gummies and the spray and wondered why daddy was giving chocolates when she was sick. I recommend these gummies and the Vit C,D and Zinc oral spray.”


“Worth it”

“The Supa Strong Immune gummies are good & healthy. My children like to eat them. We bought them on the suggestion of my wife's friend. ”


“Great Idea”

“I am happy to see doctors and experts make good healthy products which are different from the usual tablets. The Supa Strong gummies are a real boon to me. My twin sons and daughter eat the gummies with no fuss at all.”


“Apt name”

“My son used to suffer from frequent stomach pain of no reason or cause. It was really distressing. Our paediatrician suggested to give the Happy Gut sachet, once a day to him, to stabilise the good bacteria. It really helped. He had no episodes of pain. He also likes the taste and thinks its a cool drink and cool to drink. Thank god.”


“Good Probiotics”

“My child's paediatrician advised us to use the happy Gut Probiotics, as my child has diarrhoea on & off. He said that the species of good bacteria was very apt for the Indian gut. My child also loves the taste, and I am also happy.”


“Cost Effective”

“Good product and cost effective too. My daughter has been having it for the last 10 days and her tummy feels better and bowel movements have also improved. I recommend it.”


“Needed for overall health”

“I am a nutritionist who has done extensive research on Gut Brain axis and gut bacteria. The Happy Gut sachet has a mix of useful bacteria suited for Indian children. I am giving my son the Happy Gut probiotics. I recommend it.”


“Vit D deficiency”

“My child has very low vitamin D levels. She vomits when she takes milk and also does not go out much in the sun. Getting her to swallow the Vit D tablets was very difficult. Paediatrician suggested the Vit D spray. She likes it and sprays it herself. I was told to give one extra puff everyday, till her Vit D level comes to normal and after that, use it regularly. It is good.”


“Steam Inhalation”

“I have used the Breathe Free Decongestant. Initially my son did not let me run it on his chest and throat, so i put a few drops in the steam inhaler and kept it in the room ,when we slept. The vapur smell was phenomenal and he had great relief from the stuffy nose. We all slept really well. I felt better too, despite not having any problem. ”


“Great relief”

“The essentials oils smell great. My wife has used this for my daughter continuously for 3 days when she had a cold with mild fever and she improved quickly. Good product. When we used it, it was obvious that this was a very natural & chemical free product.”


“Helped me too”

“We have applied the 'Breath Free' decongestant to the chest and throat of our two year old, recently, when he had his usual episodes of flu and stuffy nose. He slept fitfully through out the night, thankfully to the relief he got. I used it on myself to see if it caused any irritation to skin. There was no irritation or stickiness at all. Surprisingly even my breathing felt better in the morning. I am a smoker and I think the vapours of the oils helped my airways too.”


“Was Skeptic”

“I was initially sceptic when i ordered Breathe free. But after using it, I am happy. It is good and comes for a long time. Quite affordable for such quality essential oil. My son is able to breathe more freely now and is less irritable. He does not to massage anything on his chest, so i opened the cap and am asking to sniff the vapours. Sometime i put in steam. At night i just hold the bottle near his nose for a few breaths, when he is sleeping. he gets relief.”


“Loves the smell”

“My daughter loves the smell. She puts it in her pocket and whenever she wants she opens the cap and smells it. She says that it helps her breathe more freely. I am quite happy because it does not have any petroleum products and is very safe and natural.”


“Worth It”

“They are good. I have used many brands gummies , affordable to costly ones. The ForKids brand gummies are more genuine and good. I will continue with them.”


“Tasty Healthy Treat”

“My kids love sweets. Instead of giving them sugar laden chocolates, i have started giving them the healthy Immune gummies as treats. They love them. Very affordable and good quality.”


“Don’t make this mistake”

“I used to force my son to swallow tablets having high dose of Vit C. He used to get stomach pain. My paediatrician told me that my son needs regular supplements in standard doses and not high doses. He suggested that i use the Multivitamin Oral spray of ForKids brands because the doses are as per ICMR guidelines and are made by doctors. My son is also happy and I am relieved.”


“Value for money”

“I used to give my children Vit C and Zinc tablets which came in strips. When i compared the ingredients and costs of those tablets and this Vit C,D and Zn spray, i saw that the spray was superior and less costly. I am using the Oral Spray only now as it is easy and according to my doctor, better absorbed in the mouth itself.”



“My son has Pancreatitis, he gets frequent pain and cant eat much. It's difficult to give him vitamin tablets also, which he very much needs. The Multivitamin Oral spray is a real boon for us, because all vitamins gets absorbed completely in the mouth. He doesn't have any stomach pain at all. His overall health is improving beceause of the vitamin supplement.”


“Lactose Intolerance”

“My daughter is very delicate with weak bones, She already had 2 fractures, She gets rashes quickly in sunlight and is also lactose intolerant. It was so difficult to get het to swallow the Vitamin D tablets. I saw the ad for Vit D spray and discussed with her doctor. he told me to use it as the Vit D is better absorbed into body from the mouth. She loves it and sprays herself. Because she is deficient in Vit D, doctor told me to give 3-4 sprays everyday till the level normalises and then continue with 2 sprays a day. It is less expensive as compared to those costly tablets, and so convenient.”



“I have been using Multivitamin gummies for my children for the last 2 years. We have experimented with many brands and flavours. They seem to like the ForKids multivitamin gummies better. I am also satisfied because the formulation and doses are also much better than other brands. ”


“Value for Money”

“The nutrients in the Multivitamin gummies are good as well as affordable. Taste is also nice. My cousin bought enough stock for 6 months and took to US also for her child.”


“I recommend it”

“The ForKids Multivitamin gummies are good. Genuine brand. I have been using for last 2 months and am satisfied.”



“I first bought the ForKids gummies in the pharmacy of my child's hospital as per the Pediatrician's advice. They are affordable and good. Better than the multivitamin tablets that i used to give my children. Good nutrients in correct doses for everyday use.”


“Great Help”

“My daughter used to have frequent stomach pains. She was very thin and frail. Nothing we tried seemed to help. Our doctor cousin in US suggested us to use Happy Gut sachets and see if it works. She used to drink it because she liked the taste. Slowly the frequency of her pains decreased and she started putting on weight. We realised how important the right GUT bacteria were. We are giving the happy Gut drink everyday. ”



“Good product. Correct doses for children and quite affordable. I am satisfied. My child likes the taste.”


“Value product”

“I have tried many brands of multi vitamin gummies. I found this brand better in quality and value. Trustworthy for my children.”


“Kids love it”

“My children are very picky for everything. It is very difficult to get them to eat so that they will grow. They seem to thankfully like the Multivitamin gummies. Good taste. No forcing needed.”


“Fuss Free really !”

“My daughter is very fussy about eating. She is underweight and frail. Thankfully she is liking the multivitamin gummies. I also give her the ForKids Vit D oral spray. No fuss for both, Thank god. Good products.”



“As a Child Specialist, i recommend the ForKids Multivitamin Gummies for the following reasons- 1. Good formula of vital Vitamins 2. Correct Doses for Indian Children 3. Quality product 4. Taste that children love 5. Affordable god pricing. ”

Dr Madhavi

“Boon for me”

“The ForKids Sharp Vision gummies are a real boon to parents. With online classes and inability to go out, my child is always on the computer screen. The blue light is really harmful. The ingredients in Sharp vision are very useful to protect, nourish and heal the delicate eyes of children. Best part is that it is very affordable.”


“Highly recommended”

“Genuine and effective product. Very good price also. I am glad I am able to give this to mu children to protect their eyes from a lifestyle that we are not able to avoid due to the pandemic. Thankfully they love the gummies.”


“Excellent idea”

“My son has poor vision because of some hereditary problem. The online classes are further ruining his eyesight and causing eye strain. He refuses to take the Astaxanthin tablets. The Sharp Vision gummies are excellent and a great way to protect our children's eyes.”


“Tasty & Healthy”

“My kids love sweets. They love the Sharp Vision gummies. I am also happy and they are also happy. The eye damage from blue light of screens is really hurting children.”



“We were really worried about the kids eyes. Both already have glasses and we did not want it to worsen because of the increased screen times. Our Ophthalmologist suggested that we give them the Sharp Vision gummies, which will protect from Blue light and also reduce the damage. ”


“Tangy Taste”

“The taste is a bit tangy, probably because of the Vitamin C. My daughter initially did not enjoy the taste, the first 2 days, but slowly got used to it and likes it now. Good Product, very convenient.”


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